Noise Control Audio produce a range of wheelboards, speaker straps and covers to keep your stack secured and protected.

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The RGW 112 is a long throw 12" (300mm) w-bin in essence but with a twist. Using our WAVE-FRONT--REFRACTION™ technology we have developed a box that delivers bass with the punch of a heavyweight boxer and you no longer have those honking 250Hz-350Hz that was so prominent in w-bins of the past.

The RGW 112 like the TMT 600 has been designed to be flown or ground stacked in array situations. And will guarantee that even the furthest person in the room or field will receive the same quality of bass as those at the front.

The RGW 112 has a useable frequency range from 80hz-300khz. 1 x RGW 112 will give you 135dB maximum SPL @1w/1m. When you couple 4 x RGW 112’s in an array you get 144dB maximum SPL @ 1m.



Very high SPL capability
array/ground stack/fly
easy truck packing
very easy fly rigging
stack inter locking system
weather proof coating
asymmetrical horns
audio coupling

• music concerts/festivals
• touring/install
• front of house
• medium large clubs/venues

• Auditoriums
• Theatres
• Sports Stadiums
Medium-large clubs
• Places of worship

Type Long throw bass box
Driver 12"
Power 600 watts
Impedance 8 ohms


Crossover point 80Hz and 250Hz
Sensitivity 106dB @1w/1m
Power handling 450 watts AES
900 watts @8 ohms
Connectors 2 Neutriks NL Speakons
Maximum SPL 135dB @1m
Height 1000mm
Width (front) 600mm
Width (rear) 330mm
Depth 810mm
(with w/boards) 975mm
Weight 65kg
(with w/boards) 80kg
18mm Birch Ply
Finished in textured water resistant
Noise Control Audio green
Bespoke powder coated protective grill


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