Noise Control Audio produce a range of wheelboards, speaker straps and covers to keep your stack secured and protected.

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Each I-fly frame kit includes a minimum of:
1 x Flightcase Containing:
4 x I-fly frames
1 x set of lock tight nuts and bolts and shackles to lock and fly each of the two frames together
16 x I-Wires to connect I-Fly Frame to 1st box
1x user manual
(This kit will allow you to fly two boxes wide per side)

To fly more boxes deep you will only need to buy the additional I-WIRES 4 per additional box

The I-FLY FRAME KIT gives you everything you need to fly the 1st layer of boxes except the (bridal and the winch) this is because they are standard bits of kit and you may have your own supplier in mind. If you do need them we can always source them for you...

1 I-FLY frame
2 M16x70 Bolt with 2x washers
and nylok nut. 16 sets per I-FLY frame.
3 Double Point Stud to shackle
4 per I-FLY frame
4 Karibiner. 1 per stack
5 Shackle with a Nut and Pin
4 per stack
6 Double Point Stud to
Double Point Stud. 4 per Speaker Box, Except top row.
7 Single Point Stud to Thimble
1 per I-FLY frame



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