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FFA 5000 Amplifier

PodWare is much more than just a remote control panel for the FF204/6D. PodWare and any connected device(s) are intimately intertwined, faithfully duplicating any control adjustments whether they are made in PodWare or on the front panel of the device itself. Adjust a gain control on the device, and watch the gain fader in PodWare smoothly slide in sympathy. They simply cannot get out of sync. You can also update the firmware in the unit via PodWare – even via the network.

The PodWare PC Windows application uses a small panel called a MonIcon to display all the important status information about the FF204/6D at a glance. From this small panel it is possible to see input signal activity, limiter activity, preset selection and mute status. The full control panel is only one click away from the MonIcon. Each output can be named in PodWare. These names not only appear for the User on the PodWare control panels, but also show briefly when scrolling through outputs on the device itself


To download, try podware and view NCA setting click below




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