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FFA 5000 Amplifier

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 Two input channels
 Four or Six output channels
 High quality 96kHz 24Bit audio processing
 Easy to use
 Proven reliability
 PC control from PodWare
 BvNET networking option

The Noise Control Audio Speaker Management Systems (FF204/206D) are high performance, easy to use signal processors for loudspeaker systems, providing processing for stereo 3-way, mono 6-way(FF206D) and stereo 2-way, mono 4-way (FF204D) configurations.
The units provide generous amounts of signal processing capability and a wide variety of crossover shapes. The systems are complemented by highly flexible preset arrangements. The units may be controlled just as comprehensively from thier front panel, or by using the PodWare software application. PodWare can operate a single unit, or can optionally control a multi-km network of products using the BvNET networking standard.
Networks running out from an FF204/6D can extend up to a Km with standard cat 5 cable. Larger networks are achievable with repeaters and the network can be accessed by a pc at any point with the use use of a simple BvNET Interface.
Both units are UK designed and built to very high standards both in construction and audio path. Noise and distortion levels are superb and the compressors are audibly excellent.
Software known as Podware controls the units individually or in a network and can be downloaded for examination on the software page. Presets for all Noise Control Audio configurations are supplied in the units and will add ease of use protection and functionality to any NCA speaker.

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Many users have commented on how quick and easy the FF204/6D is to use. This did not happen accidentally; it was a primary design aim based on user testimony. There are no multiple nested menus, just simple X-Y navigation among the channels and their parameters. The parameters for a given processing element appear on the clear backlit display three at a time, allowing adjustment of these using the three velocity-sensitive rotary controls. The FF204/6D always does what you would expect. When adjusting parameters in Stereo mode, the values are automatically adjusted in both channels together. It makes the difficult decisions for you. The limiter will always automatically select the attack and release speeds to suit the current settings. It is our long experience that this assures the best performance of your system.



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